Presentation Tips

DOs and DON’Ts

Tips to help make this your best medical presentation ever.

  • Don’t over use acronyms
  • Don’t over use abbreviations—though your audience understands, abbreviations look lazy
  • Don’t make me read while you talk (Reading slides is bad)
  • Don’t use a canned “template”
  • Don’t use too many bullet points—Use text in minimal word format
  • Don’t give me unclear information
  • Don’t drive me crazy with slide transitions
  • Don’t give me written material before you start presenting
  • Don’t use animations unless they contribute to the point
  • Don’t take more time than necessary (not 1 second)
  • Don’t cram too much on a slide (More slides are better than crowded slides)
  • Don’t put anything on a slide that would be easier for me to read on paper (Lean to link to PDFs, Reports, Papers)
  • Boil data to key points; I can’t interpret a 50 row spreadsheet on a slide
  • Don’t start working on your presentation in PowerPoint, start with paper

Don’t include slides that do not lead toward the objective


  • DO give me the information I need
  • DO follow a structure
  • DO disclose any potential conflicts of interest
  • DO get to the point
  • DO provide complex data in written form (Handout)
  • DO use (real) images to contribute to your point
  • DO make a professional impression