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Amazing Medical PresentationsYou'll get a great looking presentation and save hours of your time. Give us your material, we'll give you the slides they way you want them. We understand the standards and terminology. We'll get it right for you.
No matter what stage your presentation is in now, Medical Presentation Help will get your presentation completed by your deadline.
We are conservative in our approach. Medical presentations should be clear and informative rather than flashy. That doesn't mean dull, but the content is the priority.
You will be comfortable and confident when it's time to deliver.


How Does This Work? How Much Does It Cost?


Your Best Medical Presentation EverEasy.
1. You send your materials (100% confidential) by email.  We can work with rough slides, an outline or a paper you've written.
2. We provide you with a 'not-to-exceed' budget. Once you approve, we prepare the first few slides for your approval. After the general look is worked out, we will build a complete first draft.
3. We send you the draft with recommendations for your review. You can send us instructions or we can have a screen sharing meeting to look at the slides together. We can make changes while you watch. It's a very cool process.
4. When your presentation is done, we'll submit it to you with an invoice. Your videos will play, sounds will play—everything will go smoothly. Guaranteed. No Pre-payment. We do not go over budget unless you add a lot of material. We accept all credit cards through a secure, safe portal. (We collect NO credit card numbers)


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Call or Email for your quote. We respond quickly. If you like our proposal, we can talk about the easiest way to get started.
We are here to make the presentation process easy for you. If you just want a little help, call. If you are stuck with some PowerPoint issue, call. If you only want your slides professionally reviewed, call.
If you want to hand over your rough material and know you'll get a great looking presentation prepared for you, on-time and within your budget, call now.
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About YOU. (Perfect for conferences, conventions, Grand Rounds or marketing.)

Formed to help YOU, Chris Reich, CEO, Ready to Help with Your Medical PresentationMedicalPresentationHelp.com is a part of the TeachU™ family of businesses founded by nationally known business speaker, Chris Reich.
"Medical presentations can be a challenge to produce. While important and interesting, most medical presentations are, by necessity, loaded with statistical data and references. What would make a good paper often translates to a complex set of slides. With your material and my experience, we'll produce an excellent medical presentation and save you a lot of time." Chris Reich

Get through Grand Rounds with ease. Impress at the conference. Get the grant. Propose the changes. Educate the public. Inform your peers. Do amazing things.


Private. Secure. Guaranteed. Confidential.
We guarantee that you will be pleased with your presentation. How? Easy! You pay when it's done and you are happy.


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We are a 3Es certified company. That means we work from a foundation of Education (we'll show you how), Ethics (we do the right thing) and Excellence (we do good work).


3Es System is based on Education, Ethics, Excellence 

The 3Es of good business: Education, Ethics & Excellence


Free Review

Have your presentation done but would like some suggestions? I'm happy to provide a free, no obligation review of your presentation (not a sales pitch). Why not get some free feedback?
Consider it a professional courtesy.
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